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Future Infrastructure Forum


Robinson College, Cambridge, 26th-27th September 2011

Chairmen at FIF1 Day 2

Photo: FIF1 Chairmen facilitating discussion at FIF1. Photo courtesy of Amanda Pyatt


FIF1 proved to be a successful start the forum series, with around 50 to 60 delegates present each day.

Invitations to the forum were limited to a level that allowed for diverse yet inclusive conversation within the group. Each of the University forum partners had an opportunity to present their structural and geotechnical research.  While a small number of partners were unable to send a representative, 18 presentations provided an insight into the key areas of research. PDF versions of the presentations are available below. The presentations themselves were not recorded, but the slides give a sense of the current focus of research in the UK.

All the delegates were invited to participate in open discussion sessions. These sessions provided an opportunity for challenging dialogue on determining the most crucial areas for future research. The debate centred around the UK’s potential future infrastructure needs and delegates started to formulate research areas that would help prepare the UK to meet these needs.

Project ideas and key thoughts were collected from delegates on the second day. Key research ideas emerging from this process are broadly covered within the following themes and sub-themes:


FIF1 Agenda


Day 1 - 26th September 2011

FIF1 Introduction
Presentation 01 - University of Bath
Presentation 02 - University of Birmingham
Presentation 03 - University of Newcastle
Presentation 04 - University of Cambridge
Presentation 05 - Cardiff University
Presentation 06 - University of Edinburgh
Presentation 07 - Heriot-Watt University
Presentation 08 - University of Warwick
Presentation 09 - University of Leeds
Presentation 10 - University College London
Presentation 11 - University of Bristol

Day 2 - 27th September 2011

Presentation 12 - University of Nottingham
Presentation 13 - University of Oxford part 1
Presentation 13 - University of Oxford part 2
Presentation 14 - Imperial College London
Presentation 15 - University of Sheffield
Presentation 16 - Queen's University Belfast part 1
Presentation 16 - Queen's University Belfast part 2
Presentation 17 - University of Surrey
Presentation 18 - University of Manchester

Latest news

Second FIF forum (FIF2)

27 January 2012

The second meeting of the Future Infrastructure forum (FIF2) was held at Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge on the 17th and 18th January 2012. A number of overseas academics and consultants attended the forum to provide an international perspective to the problems of creating resilient infrastructure. Further...

First FIF forum (FIF1)

11 October 2011

FIF1 was held on the 26th to 27th of September, 2011. Click here to navigate to a summary of the event and to view presentations. For information on events that may be relevant to you, check out the IRTC calendar: